Implementation Services

Seigosoft provides localized installation, pre-installation, and de-installation services around the globe that enable our OEM customers to reduce internal labor costs without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction. We adapt our installation and de-installation programs to meet the needs of each client, regardless of whether they need:

Pre-Installation services for unloading, opening, and inspecting recently delivered equipment. This ensures the equipment has not been damaged in transit and is properly handled in preparation for system set up and installation.

Unpacking, inspecting, and inventorying new products are all included in basic hardware installation services, as well as rack setup, cabling verification, system power up, and initial network connectivity setup.

The services provided by Advanced System Installation also cover multiple IP addressing for the system, rack setup, cabling verification, system power up, system and console configuration, setting up administration connectivity and applications, setting up and initializing storage and installation interface adapters, if necessary, and unpacking, inspecting, and inventorying new product.

De-installation services for removing pilot/try-and-buy or permanent removal of end-of-life or competitive systems. This service includes power down sequences, un-racking, packing, and hardware removal, including all cables and blank panels.

Every installation and deinstallation service has a project manager assigned to it who collaborates with the client as a member of their services team to schedule and coordinate the resources. The project management monitors each engagement and backs it up with our Support Operations Center, which offers technical support when required and keeps track of our field service professionals' time on-site and the successful completion of the service.

The on-demand, pre-designed nature of our installation and de-installation service programs makes it easy for our customers to predict costs and scale installations as they scale sales.